Income properties in Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia

What would you say if we could give you performance statistics even much before the making of the investment?

Investing in real estate has always been considered one of the safest investments. In partnership with TriesteVillas, , Trieste"s main property manager specialised in Short Term Rentals, we offer investors apartments that have already been used as Tourist House Rentals, managing every bureaucratic and organizational aspect. Each property for sale, therefore, has a documented historical record of all incomes related to the previous managements, with a common increasing trend.

An investor, therefore, buys like this a real estate that maintains its price over time, but also a property already put into the circuit of incomes in a "turnkey" package.


Buy a managed property
TriesteVillas takes care of all: cleanings, laundry, guests check-in, maintenance and the bureaucratic part.

Safe Investment
In addition to buying an asset that does not depreciate, you have the option of estimating the return on the investment of the property on sale, based on its bookings history.

Pay just the commission
You'll receive monthly payouts deducted by their service fee. TriesteVillas will handle the payment of Italian taxes.

No overthinking
Issues such as outstanding fees and unwanted occupations are not contemplated, as tourists pay in advance for their short term stays. In addition you can always use the property, if needed.

The city of Trieste is increasingly being discovered by innumerable visitors. Its hospitality market is currently on the rise and, with the arrival of important international events such as ESOF 2020, it"s destined to grow more and more. Investing today in Trieste means being far-sighted.

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