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Digital analysis

Price quotation through the use of dedicated software that in a comparative key analyzes the real estate market adjacent to the property to be sold by verifying which can be the 'competitors' and defining an indicative price of the asset.

Team of technicians

Through the industry professionals we will study how to add value to your property so that the future buyer finds all the advantages where we can solve any technical or legal issues that can create difficulties in the sale of the property.

Legal problems

  • Succession
  • Donations
  • Lying legacy
  • Foreclosures
  • Relationships with Equitalia or banks
  • Separations or divorces
  • Legal issues with condominium or neighborhood

Technical Problems

  • Realization APE
  • Stacking internal modifications
  • Resolving building abuses
  • Checks the plants and, if necessary, their standard
  • Check property boundaries
  • Certified Housing Control
  • Condominium expenditure control
Marketing Activities

We will publish your home on all the most well-known real estate portals by investing in advertising campaigns to enhance their visibility across the country and, for real estate charts, specific advertising activities are being studied and executed on foreign markets

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