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Barcolana 2019 Trieste

Come and visit us this year in Barcolana # 51. For the uninitiated: the Barcolana is a historic international sailing regatta held every year in the Gulf of Trieste on the second Sunday of October. Noted for being one of the highest participation regattas, from the 2018 edition, the Barcolana, with 2689 registered boats, is at the top of the ranking of the most crowded regattas in the world, a goal achieved and met with commitment by the entire Sailing Society of Barcola and Grignano. Currently therefore the Barcolana is the largest regatta in the world. [3] The particular formula that distinguishes it makes it a unique event in the international sailing panorama: on a single starting line in fact they find themselves competing side by side professional sailors and simple enthusiasts, on boats of various sizes that are divided into categories according to length all out.

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