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The house of the future is smaller and is enriched with new services

Technologies transform homes into integrated ecosystems that go beyond the gym and the shared laundry room to meet private needs, work and age groups.

Not just the physical place where you can find exclusive “shelter”. More and more a "platform" on which to be able to count in order to obtain useful services for the management of daily life, save free time, support social relations, facilitate family management.

The home of the future is no longer a space, but a service. A new dimension that, in metropolises such as Milan, increasingly characterizes the luxury and short term-rent forms, but is destined to become predominant also for long-term rental or property real estate assets, especially in the face of an ever-growing population. older.

The facilities more than the furnishings

"The new luxury is the liveability of the house not only in the breadth and beauty of spaces and furnishings, but above all in the range of services it manages to provide - confirms Rocco Roggia, CEO of the Roseto Group, specialized in the high-end rental sector. range and which, a few weeks ago in Milan, has expanded its offer with five new residences in the City Life district under the Roseto Prestige brand -. We refer to the provision of facilities, which project our client into a condition similar to that which he would find in a hotel. But also to the definition of models that go beyond the common gym or laundry, now available in several new buildings, and go towards increasingly peculiar options. For example, in some of our projects we have opened wine tasting clubs ».

But, in other cases, the proposal also concerns medical or nursing assistance; that for the entertainment of children; for personal or logistical care. If for now we are talking about a reality that is the prerogative of high-end residences, for customers with a portfolio, the situation is destined to evolve quite rapidly.

Living in an app

"The house in perspective will be transformed into a platform for the supply of physical and digital services for living - says architect Joseph Di Pasquale, who since 2015 has started research on emerging housing behaviors in urban contexts, preparatory to the development of new neighborhoods, such as Chorus Life in Bergamo -. The home will be a large app, an ecosystem of services that integrate the living experience and are located on three levels, one more intimate and connected to the private sphere and to the real estate unit. A second, on the scale of the building, which will include co-working or hospitality areas, where you can work at home without staying at home or be able to welcome friends, without actually receiving them. A third, which concerns the neighborhood facility. The “shared domain” condominium will turn into a place to share, that is, to live together ».

To indicate this as the ideal direction of evolution was also the first exercise of the future carried out by a group of 30 entrepreneurs, professionals and researchers gathered in LICoF, the Laboratory of the Imagination of Future Constructions created in Trieste by Fabio Millevoi, director of Ance Friuli Venezia Giulia and futurist. He himself explains: "The house will be a cognitive infrastructure, a" Wikipedia house ", used rather than owned, will radically transform the way we live and work in cities. It will be a link between the green and the digital economy ". The work of the first year of LICoF projections has focused on four possible scenarios for the construction of the future. "The most advanced one - specifies Professor Marina Ruggieri, full professor of Telecommunications of the Electronic Engineering department of the Tor Vergata University - will protect its permanent or transient inhabitants, but will use the territorial data collection infrastructure for the prevention and management of critical issues. of the entire territory, such as seismic, hydrogeological and sanitary ones. It will assume the role of "network node" (HoN, Home as network Node), integrated in a pervasive connectivity system and cooperating with other nodes and will connect to devices, sensors, inhabitants or, probably, to one or more family robots based on artificial intelligence ».

Renovate building and regulations

In this scenario, the world of construction and real estate will have to learn to change. «Construction companies - Millevoi considers - will no longer be able to limit themselves to thinking about design or construction. The contractor will have to become a disruptor himself or implement strategies to avoid disruption ".

According to the Piselli & Partners Law Firm, it will be necessary to imagine innovative contractual legal instruments intended to regulate the different profiles of future business models. While developers and investors will have to invest in project managers capable of managing assets with a logic more similar to those of running complex companies

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